Officers of the SC SCV Mechanized Cavalry


Captain: Mike Waters
1st LT Jim Waddell
2nd LT Platoon 1 William Collyer
2nd LT Platoon 2 Keith Day
1st Sgt Platoon 1 Stacey Smith
1st Sgt Platoon 2 Larry Davis
Color Sgt Ashley Graham
Chaplain/Quartermaster Randon Thomas
 Squad 1 Sgt.  Bobby Lowe
 Squad 1 Cpl. Dustin Sims
 Squad 2 Sgt. Bill Bailey
 Squad 2 Cpl. Rusty Thomas
 Squad 3 Sgt. Larry Fultz
 Squad 3 Cpl. Paul Flanagan
2nd LT SQ 4 Bobby Snider
 Squad 4 Sgt. Cliff Weaver